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How do I start the fire?

To start the fire:

1. Pour a flammable liquid on the patch. We reccomend lighter fluid but alcohol and gas can work as well.

2. Flick the flame and keep your hands on the bottom of the wallet.

3. Close the wallet to extinguish the fire ;)

Is the wallet safe in my pocket?

Yes, the fire will never accidently start! You must intentionally flick the wheel and pour lighter fluid on the patch to start the fire, so it will never burn your pocket or bag.

Will my cash and cards be safe?

Yes! On our tiktok website, we show many videos as proof, but the fire will never burn your cards or cash. It is specifically designed to be used everyday.

How long does the fire last?

This question depends on the amount of lighter fluid you put on the patch, but the longest that we've ever gotten was a full minute!

Is lighter fluid included?

Unfortunately, regulations for selling lighter fluid are very strict. To avoid these complications, we don't include lighter fluid. However, you can find it on amazon for as cheap as $1 or $2!

What's the point of the fire wallet?

The fire wallet is great for playing pranks with, surprising waiters or cashiers, or showing off to friends & family! It works like an everyday wallet except it has an extraordinary feature!