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My Fire Wallet

My Fire Wallet

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Designed by our experienced craftsmen, My Fire Wallet might be the last wallet you'll ever need. Featuring an option to display flames and offering plenty of space for cards, cash, and photos, My Fire Wallet™ is perfect for impressing others or just improving your style.

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MyFireWallet is a hilarious prank to pull on freinds, family, and workers. The look of fear and surprise from people when flames of fire erupt from your wallet is priceless.


My Fire Wallet includes: Credit card slots, banknote slots, a cash slot, and a photo transparent window. 


10 x 12 x 2 cm

How To

1. Apply lighter fluid on the flame patch.

2. Flick the switch

3. Open the wallet

4. Close to the wallet to get rid of the flames

*Lighter fluid not included.

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Surprise Others

With the Fire Wallet, you can pull the perfect prank at the drive-thru, at home, or at school. Light the wallet and watch as friends, family, and cashiers scream or flinch.

Use it Everyday

The Fire Wallet is optimized for functionality, offering plentiful slots for cash and cards. The fire compartment is magnetically closed, so the wallet truly truly is fit for everyday use.